Stop, drop and go

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This is an update about our community expectations around morning drop off. Remember that the ultimate goal of STOP – DROP & GO is to provide a safe manner in which our students exit their cars and enter the school campus.

DO – Approach the white bus zone on Sergeant Street facing West toward Arch. Never come from the opposite direction and make a u-turn at the corner. Never drop off at Arch. We suggest that you drive around and follow the one-way traffic east to west and drop off in front of the school. 

DON’T – Drop off your child on the opposite side of the street!

DO – Yield to pedestrians.  Many of our families walk to school and some park, then walk. Other neighbors are also often out dog-walking or simply getting in morning exercise. Be mindful of our neighbors.

DO – Drive slowly and queue –up and wait in line and drop off, passenger-side between Ramsell and Arch. Pull up as far as you can. Do not drop off between Victoria and Ramsell. 

DON’T – Cut around and into the line at the middle. A single-lane drop off is the safest for all. It may cost you a couple minutes but the trade-off is well worth it! Wait until the car in front of you proceeds. 

DO – Wait for morning greeters to open the door for you. We will open your door and greet you with a welcoming "Good Morning."  A smile goes a long way to making everyone's day a bit more pleasant. 

DO – Get hugs and kisses out of the way before you drop off.

DON’T – Get out of the car to “help” your child. Don’t put things in your trunk. We want to keep our line of cars moving fluidly.

DO – Keep conversations and small talk to a minimum as we are trying to keep the line moving – chit-chat will hold things up…

DON’T – Curse or use profane language when speaking with volunteers (or anytime in front of kids). Even if this may be normal discourse in your home, it's still disrespectful to other families and children.

DO – Arrive prior to 8:00am. 

DO – DO – DO – Arrive to the Stop – Drop & Go service between 7:30 – 8:00 AM. Do NOT wait until the last minute to arrive to school. School starts at 7:50am and it's disruptive to the classroom instruction to have children stroll in late. 

DON'T – Freak out or Sweat the small stuff. If you are running late, don’t increase the impact on your child by stressing out.  They feel and absorb that energy. Be mindful and considerate of others. Keep Calm and Carry On. 

We’re all in this together!

Drop-Off (how to make it easy!)                             

Bus Arrival:

Children who arrive by bus will have a drop-off attendant escort them up the steps for morning assembly.

Car Arrival and Parking:

  • Students and staff meet at 7:50am on the main yard for morning intake.

  • Traffic volunteers will open doors and collect children onto the sidewalk. This maintains safe traffic flow.

  • Please be courteous to traffic safety coordinators.  They are parents just like you who are trying to make your drop-off fast and safe for the children.

  • Exercise patience and do not honk your horn unless as a warning of imminent danger.

Street parking can be found on Sargent Street and any of the side streets but can be challenging, so:

Leave home early enough to allow yourself time to find a spot (arrival before 7:35am is best bet), plan on parking farther away from school – there is usually good parking 2-3 blocks away, or carpool.

Be sure to curb your tires if you park on a steep incline.  Be sure to read the “No Parking” signs for street sweeping days to avoid receiving a ticket.


The following may result in fines and frustration:

  • Parking in the school’s white/bus zone during the posted hours is prohibited.

  • Driving up the curvy driveway to drop-off your child(ren) in the schoolyard is strictly prohibited.

  • Double-parking and blocking driveways, crosswalks, intersections or red zones is not allowed.

  • No jaywalking and no exiting a vehicle in a non-curbside lane.


Helpful tip: JOES has a curbside drop-off staffed by parent traffic volunteers (A great way to get involved and get to know the community!) Wait for your turn to stop at the white curb in front of school, traffic volunteers will flag you to move forward in your car.

If you utilize this service, do not park at the curb and exit your vehicle, this severely interrupts traffic flow.

Do not try to avoid the line and stop to let out children before you get to the white curb.


How do I get to the main school yard?

From the main entrance, the schoolyard is located to the left past the cafeteria in the back of the school.

The general recommendation is that you walk your child to the main schoolyard where students line up behind their teachers. The yard is not staffed before 7:30am so please remain with your child if you’re early. Being early and giving children time to play in the yard is never a bad idea!


A very serious note about parking at José Ortega:  

Please make safety a priority when delivering your child to school each day, whether you do so by car or on foot to school.  

Paying attention, being courteous and applying common sense can prevent a serious accident from occurring.  Rushing off to work, not wanting to disturb a sleeping child, being a few minutes late, etcetera are not good reasons for endangering children or inconveniencing others.

JOES maintains a positive relationship with the surrounding Ocean View community.  Please help us maintain this healthy, happy relationship.

Pick-up (Same parking rules apply as during drop off)


Students who ride the bus will be escorted to the bus by JOES staff.  For bus information, refer to

Bus schedule copies are also available in the office.


Car Arrival and Parking:

At approximately 1:30pm, road barriers are set up at Ramsell and Arch Streets and will only be moved for entering and exiting school buses. Please do not attempt to drive or park within this area once these barriers are in place.

Teachers escort each class to the curb at the front of school, this is where you will meet your child(ren). Please do not come to the classroom to pick up your child, this disrupts the dismissal routine.

Please do your best to practice pedestrian safety.  Always look both ways before entering the street and use the crosswalks.