Jose Ortega Elementary School (JOES) values every student's contributions. Special needs students receive individually-tailored instruction through the school’s Resource Specialist Program (RSP). Eligible Special Education (SpEd) students participate in the General Education program with the assistance of additional specially-trained paraprofessionals and a Resource Specialist.

How will my special needs child be included in the school community? JOES is one of 28 K-5 inclusion elementary schools in the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD). Inclusion schools believe that Special Education students thrive when they are active, valued members of the overall elementary school experience. For example, Special Education students participate with the rest of the school community in daily recess and lunchtime activities. At the beginning of the school year, Special Education students and students in the school's other programs sometimes find it difficult to adapt to each other’s physical strengths and abilities. Soon, however, they find themselves playing together and getting along as friends.

Jose Ortega is committed to educating Special Education students in the General Education classroom setting to the maximum extent possible. Special Education students also participate in school-wide events as much as possible. Jose Ortega brings in the support services necessary for each of these students.

How does inclusion work? Teachers consult with the inclusion teacher, paraprofessional, and caregivers on an ongoing basis to implement an individual educational plan (IEP) that is integrated into the regular classroom program.

For more detailed information about Special Education services and placement, please visit:

Is JOES wheelchair accessible? Yes, all SFUSD schools are, but please refer to Jose Ortega's Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Access Guide for detailed information.

How do I schedule a tour? An appointment is necessary. Translation services are available upon request. Call (415) 469-4726 for more information.