Committee and Board responsibilities 2017-18

For more detailed description per CA-PTA bylaws see:



(3-6 hours/week)

  • Run, preside over, and set the agenda for meetings
  • Liaise with principal and the executive board
  • Provide site staff with updates on PTA activities
  • Submit all school-wide PTA communications to principal for approval
  • Sign checks and other financial documents
  • Work with all committee chairs to execute approved activities
  • Call, attend, and run executive board meetings
  • Help facilitate school-wide communication



    • Maintain accurate financial records of all incoming and outgoing payments
    • Serve on budget committee, create budget for the year, keep budget updated throughout the year
    • Handle all incoming payments, deposit in a timely fashion
    • Write checks for all approved expenses (with President’s signature)
    • Reconcile accounts monthly with bank statement
    • Provide written reports with updated financial status at every association and executive meeting
    • Submit books for audit 2x per year
    • Prepare an annual financial report
    • Comply with all state and federal tax-filing requirement
    • Forward through appropriate channels:
      • Council/district/State/National PTA portions of membership dues;
      • Comprehensive General Liability, Directors and Officers Liability, Bonding, and Workers’ Compensation insurance premiums;
      • Workers’ Compensation Annual Payroll Report. An annual payroll report from each unit is mandatory whether or not anyone was hired. Keep a record of hours of service for which anyone has been paid by the unit. (This does not include payments to the school district for school personnel services.)
      • Copies of government reporting forms, as required. (e.g., IRS 990/990EZ, CA/99, CARRF-1) and any employee and/or independent contractor report forms.
      • Audit results, year-end financial report 

    Vice-President: Membership and Volunteerism

    (6-8 hours/month)

    • Recruit new PTA members
    • Maintain and Update Membership Forms (online and paper) including translations.
    • Maintain, with secretary, roster of current Members
    • Work with JOES Community Building committee to foster increased volunteerism from within JOE’s community


    • Record Minutes at Meetings
    • Create Meeting Sign-In
    • Email minutes to PTA membership
    • Email last year's PTA members reminding them to join again
    • Maintain Calendars
    • Update website with current events
    • Upload Minutes and PTA Meeting presentations to PTA Google drive
    • Work w/ VP to maintain membership drive

    Financial Secretary

    • Work with Treasurer
    • Make regular deposits of incoming funds.
    • Count cash and fill out Cash Verification Forms after various PTA functions    

      Committee Descriptions:

      After School Program

      (A few hours/month)

      • Act as a liaison between parents, school staff, and ASP staff and directors
      • Help to implement new and ongoing programs as decided by above



      • Provide occasional, simple technical support for the schools' computers. (2 or 3 hours per year)  
      • Oversee, find parent volunteers to update website


      Fundraising — Primary

      Recruit volunteers for and execute the following:

      • Education Fund
      • Walk-a-thon
      • Fall Carnival   (3-5 hours per week in the Fall)
      • Scholastic Book fair
      • Spring Fundraiser(3-5 hours per week in the Spring)
      • Read-a-thon


      Fundraising — Secondary

      (30-45 minutes/week)

      • Coordinate and execute and promote "Soft" fundraising: E-Scrip, Box tops, School Store, Amazon, etc. Objectives:
      • Increase Participation in ALL soft fundraising efforts



      Recruit Volunteers for and execute the following:

      • Recruitment of new families for school involvement
      • School Tours
      • Enrollment Fairs
      • Welcome events for new families, including summer playdates
      • Maintain and update school promotional material, both printed and online.


      JOES Community builder/Volunteer Coordinator

      (Fall/winter ~3 hours a week / during spring/summer ~1 hour a week)

      • 1. Work w/ Vice President to increase volunteer participation
      •       2. Recruit volunteers and coordinate with appropriate committee chairs to organize JOES community events, including (but not limited to!):
        • Chinese New Year’s Celebration
        • Fall Carnival
        • Movie Nights
        • Science/Engineering Night
      • Help facilitate communications between the school, PTA, and all members of the school community, w/ emphasis on GE and ESL populations
      • Maintain JOES volunteer email and volunteer database


      Health Nutrition and Safety

      • Coordinate delivery, sorting and distribution of Healthy Morning Snack from SF Food Bank
      • Work with staff on Nutrition events to promote healthy eating, use of garden produce
      • Coordinate Family Health Night with staff


      Traffic and Safety

      • Recruit and Supervise volunteers for traffic duty AM & PM.
      • Recruit volunteers for parking/traffic duty for special events, like back to school night, Winter Program, etc.



      (10 hours each for teacher luncheons (organizing, emails, actual day of)

      1 or 2 hours for Ms. Ginny Day (organizing, emails, purchasing gift card)

      10 hours each for bake sales (organizing, fliers, emails, working the event))

      Recruit volunteers for and execute the following:

      • Winter and Spring Teacher's Luncheon
      • Miss Ginny Day
      • Bake Sales for Fall Carnival and Winter Program



      (Approximately ½  hour/week)

      • Work w/ Science Consultant and school staff on Science Program
      • Help coordinate grants and funding opportunities for continuing / expanding Science program  
      •  Display work from the science program on the walls.

      (6 hours/week but only for 3 weeks)

      • If necessary, work on research, recruitment, and training of paid Science Consultant

      (2 hours/week but only for 3 weeks)

      • Coordinate with JOES Community Chair to organize Science-based community events.



      (Recruit volunteers and be responsible for executing the following

      • Greening Days and summer watering.
      • Help coordinate grants and funding opportunities for continuing/expanding Ecoliteracy program.
      • Maintenance of existing green areas, rain barrels and equipment.
      • Advocacy for Outdoor learning, including:
        • Ecological awareness/connection to nature
        • Environmental stewardship
        • composting & recycling, and
        • Science Curriculum
      • Expand/reestablish Ecoliteracy program.


      • Find, research, write, and submit grants to help fund programs and activities at the school.

      • Solicit input from other committees, principal, and staff for grant opportunities.



      • Work with principal to select arts programs for the school

      • Work as a liaison between artists, school community, and staff

      • Oversee and execute community arts events such as Family Art Day & Chinese New Year Parade