It takes a village!

We can use your help no matter how limited your time may be. Your ideas, energy, and contributions make José Ortega vibrant and fortify our community spirit.

Please complete the Volunteer Survey 2017/2018.

If you are a new community member of the JOES community, you’ll start to become familiar with the school routine, and soon be able to greet teachers, support staff, and students by name. To stay informed please read posts on the JOES Yahoo group for many ways you can get involved at your new school.  There really is something for everyone!

If you have any questions about volunteer opportunities at Jose Ortega please contact Mr. Klaus or the Volunteer Coordinator reginafbaldwin@gmail.com.

If you’re not a parent or guardian and would like to volunteer: Student Teachers and volunteers during school hours who are not parents/guardians are required to register with the San Francisco Education Fund (http://sfedfund.org).  This registration requires professional references, proof of a negative TB (tuberculosis) test, and fingerprinting.


Here are just some of the ways we need need your help at Jose Ortega:

AM Snack Program, Traffic Duty, School Tours, Walk-a-thon, Fall Carnival, Ed Fund, Room Parent Liaison, Spring Auction, Greening, Arts Committee, hanging posters at school, Wednesday blue folders, Read-a-thon, School Store, Website/Tech, Marketing, Library, and much much more! Check out our Jose Ortega Volunteer Sign Up Opportunities.

Daily/weekly opportunities:

Traffic Duty!

Help make sure all children arrive safely and keep parents happy!  M-F, 7:30-8:00am and 1:40-2:00pm

Sign up here! http://signup.com/go/xyrgKiQ

AM Snack Program!

Make sure all students have a healthy + nutritious snack! M-F, 8am 

Sign up here! http://signup.com/go/wBOwBEG

School Tours!

Welcome incoming parents Thursday mornings from 8-9:15am.

Sign up here! http://signup.com/go/DSYMuLR


Each classroom will have a volunteer room parent liaison to communicate with their class in person, via email and through the teacher.

This may be a Room Parent or another class parent who ensures that all families are informed regarding school/PTA sponsored events, avenues for families to contribute and participate in whatever way works for them, including sharing ideas.

If you don't know who your room parent liaison is ask your child's teacher or contact Regina Baldwin (reginafbaldwin@gmail.com)


Teachers value and rely on helping hands!! They do request that you refrain from volunteering in the classrooms for the first two weeks of school so students may ease into their new routine. Teachers also post classroom wish lists during the first days of school.  Please help them gather all the items they need. To ensure school safety, please log in and out of the Visitors Book in the office and wear a Visitor’s Badge.


You’re awesome! Please be respectful and run new ideas by Principal Ben Klaus for approval before you proceed. Share your idea(s) with the PTA President, who will submit it to Mr. Klaus for you.

You are welcome to speak directly with Mr. Klaus if your idea is not PTA related.



  • Lunchtime and Recess Help – (11am-12:45pm)

  • Healthy Snack Program- help cut and serve fresh fruit – (approx. 1-2hrs) Sign up here!

  • Traffic volunteering – to help with safe morning car drop-offs (7:30-8am) and pick-ups (1:40-2:00pm) Sign up here!

  • Room Parent Liaison – Organize and relay information from teacher to parents, and among parents; enhance class community by arranging play dates, etc. (approx. 1-2 hrs per week)

  • Assist teacher in classroom – teacher will direct volunteer tasks (approx. 1-8 hrs)

  • Blue Parent Folders – Make copies, collate, and assemble the weekly distributions (approx. 2 hrs per week)


  • Parents Read-in – Coordinate with teacher (approx. 1 hour)

  • Attend PTA, SSC, ELAC meetings and contribute your ideas – (approx. 2 hrs)

  • Field Trip Chaperones – to assist teacher (approx. 4-8 hrs)

JOIN THE Parent Teacher Association (PTA)

Become a PTA member!  So much of what happens at our school happens because of our wonderful volunteers. Please join us in our efforts to give our children the highest advantages in physical, mental, and social education. Join here: PTA Form or request a form in the office.

Grandparents and other family members are valued volunteers of the JOES community and are welcome to join the PTA too!

PTA meetings are usually third Thursday of each month from 6:00pm to 8:00pm.  Free childcare and food for children is provided. Translators may be provided by request.

Other Important JOES Committees

Parents/guardians serve on two Critical and Required committees:

JOES SSC (School Site Council) consists of parents, school staff members and community members working together to create an optimal environment for learning and achievement.

JOES ELAC (English Learner Advisory Committee) consists of parents and community members  who advocate for English Language learning needs and advises our principal, school staff, and the SSC.

JOES ELAC Go to: http://www.sfusd.edu/en/councils-committees/school-site-council.html for more info, or contact Principal Klaus.


If you are interested in being a parent volunteer here at JOES, please sign up in the office during the first week of school.

We will be reaching out to you with important information and dates for our Parent Volunteer Orientations that will be scheduled during the first month of school.  

To ensure continuity and keep parents up-to-date with the variety of ways to volunteer, Mr. Klaus is requesting that parent volunteers who graciously volunteer their time to support teachers during the day attend a Parent Volunteer Orientation before beginning to volunteer.