Buy-in party ideas!

Here are some ideas for popular parent-offered items and activities. Can you offer one of these or let yourself be inspired with your own idea?

offer an Outing for kids:
(please specify ages)

  • Secret Slides of SF Tour

  • Tide pool Tour

  • Mountain Bike Ride

  • Pizza and Movie Night Out

  • Cookie Baking/Decorating Workshop

  • Beach & BBQ at the Beach

  • Kids Camping Night

  • Urban Scavenger Hunt

  • Ice Skating and Hot Chocolate

  • Music Lessons

  • Soup-Of-The-Month Service

  • Rocket Making

  • Make Your Own Candy Workshop

  • Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Service

  • Plant-your-own Dish Garden Class

  • Urban Hike

  • Kids Bowling and Pizza Outing

Host a Party for kids:
(please specify ages)

  • Backyard Campout

  • American Girl Tea Party

  • Kids Game Night and Pizza Party

  • Minecraft Pizza Party

  • Beading Party

  • Make and take playdough

  • Chinese New Year Party

  • Kids Dance Party

  • Pasta Making Night

  • Fancify Yourself! Face Painting, Tattoos, Mani-Pedis and Braids

  • Pizza and Movie Night

  • Harry Potter Movies and Slumber

  • Star Wars Movie Night

  • Lego Slumber Party

  • Halloween Costume Making

  • Kids cupcake class

  • Art and Craft Project night

Offer a Homemade Item or Lesson:

  • Monthly Tamales Delivery
  • Home Beer or Kombucha Brewing Workshop

  • Pupusa Delivery for Your Party

  • Mixology Workshop

  • Jam Making Lessons

  • Jewelry Making Workshop

  • Duct Tape Wallet Lesson

  • Knitting or Sewing Lessons

  • Chess Lessons

  • Work Of Art

Host an Adult or Family Party:

  • Beauty Brunch

  • Martini Party

  • Poker or Game Night

  • Mom and Daughter Manicure and Mimosa Night

  • Chili Cook-Off Event

  • Food and wine tasting party

  • Bourbon Tasting Party

  • Ocean Beach Bonfire Party

  • Champagne Tasting Dinner

  • Beer Tasting and Beer Games!

  • Host a special person party (chef/celebrity/speaker/somelier)

  • Hot Moms, Cool Cocktails

  • Chocolate tasting party

  • Mom's Night Out And Karaoke


Once you’ve decided on your favorite activity to share with the Jose Ortega community, please contact the auction team in one of the following ways:

  1. Fill out the online form here!

  2. Print out a form or pick one up from the school office and drop it back off before February 27, 2018.

  3. Email and we will help you with the details!