Buy-in party ideas!

Here are some ideas for popular parent-offered items and activities. Can you offer one of these or let yourself be inspired with your own idea?

offer an Outing for kids:
(please specify ages)

  • Secret Slides of SF Tour

  • Tide pool Tour

  • Mountain Bike Ride

  • Pizza and Movie Night Out

  • Cookie Baking/Decorating Workshop

  • Beach & BBQ at the Beach

  • Kids Camping Night

  • Urban Scavenger Hunt

  • Ice Skating and Hot Chocolate

  • Music Lessons

  • Soup-Of-The-Month Service

  • Rocket Making

  • Make Your Own Candy Workshop

  • Pet Sitting or Dog Walking Service

  • Plant-your-own Dish Garden Class

  • Urban Hike

  • Kids Bowling and Pizza Outing

Host a Party for kids:
(please specify ages)

  • Backyard Campout

  • American Girl Tea Party

  • Kids Game Night and Pizza Party

  • Minecraft Pizza Party

  • Beading Party

  • Make and take playdough

  • Chinese New Year Party

  • Kids Dance Party

  • Pasta Making Night

  • Fancify Yourself! Face Painting, Tattoos, Mani-Pedis and Braids

  • Pizza and Movie Night

  • Harry Potter Movies and Slumber

  • Star Wars Movie Night

  • Lego Slumber Party

  • Halloween Costume Making

  • Kids cupcake class

  • Art and Craft Project night

Offer a Homemade Item or Lesson:

  • Monthly Tamales Delivery

  • Home Beer or Kombucha Brewing Workshop

  • Pupusa Delivery for Your Party

  • Mixology Workshop

  • Jam Making Lessons

  • Jewelry Making Workshop

  • Duct Tape Wallet Lesson

  • Knitting or Sewing Lessons

  • Chess Lessons

  • Work Of Art

Host an Adult or Family Party:

  • Beauty Brunch

  • Martini Party

  • Poker or Game Night

  • Mom and Daughter Manicure and Mimosa Night

  • Chili Cook-Off Event

  • Food and wine tasting party

  • Bourbon Tasting Party

  • Ocean Beach Bonfire Party

  • Champagne Tasting Dinner

  • Beer Tasting and Beer Games!

  • Host a special person party (chef/celebrity/speaker/somelier)

  • Hot Moms, Cool Cocktails

  • Chocolate tasting party

  • Mom's Night Out And Karaoke

Buy-in Party FAQs

Q. What is an Auction Buy-in Party? A Buy-In Party is an event you host for JOES as part of the auction fundraiser. People sign up at the auction by buying a slot to attend your party. The cost to participate varies based on the party. 100% of the funds raised go to the auction.

Q. What kind of party can I host? Anything you, your friends, or your family likes to do! See the “Buy-in Party Ideas” list above.

Q. Who pays for the Buy-in Party? The party host (you). Your efforts to organize and host the party are your donation to JOES. Consider co-hosting a party with one or more individuals to share labor and offset costs. Many Buy-in Parties can be done with very little expense.

Q. How many guests should attend my Buy-in Party? The number of guests depends on what you are going to do and how much space you have. Use this information to determine a maximum number of buy-in guest slots available for the party you are hosting.

Q. How much do I charge for each Buy-in Party guest slot? Consider what you are offering at the party and set the cost appropriately. All guest slots should be a minimum of $15.

Q. When do I throw my Buy-in Party? You can host parties all year long, even the summer! They can be indoor, outdoor, at night, in the morning. However, once a date is set it cannot be changed. All events should be held within one year of the auction.

Q. Do the people coming to the party need to bring anything? Usually everything is included. However, if there is something particular you will not be supplying, we can put a "prerequisite" on the party. For example, if you plan a day of boating, you can say a life vest is a prerequisite. If you are hosting a hiking trip, you can give guidance on what people should wear and bring.

Q. Is the Auction Buy-in Party tax-deductible? Yes, it is, up to the fullest extent allowed by the Internal Revenue Service and based on what you have contributed. For more advice, please consult a tax professional.

Once you’ve decided on your favorite activity to share with the Jose Ortega community, please contact the auction team in one of the following ways:

  1. Fill out the online form here!

  2. Print out a form or pick one up from the school office and drop it back off before February 28, 2019.

  3. Email and we will help you with the details!