Tips for Helping Your Child(ren) Adjust, Learn, Succeed

Social and Emotional Adjustment:

  • Ask your child to talk about his/her feelings and imagine what others are feeling.

  • Help your children learn that it’s okay to make mistakes and to be open to different ways of learning.

  • As children adjust, the first few weeks of school are exhausting – a good night's sleep and hearty breakfast really help.

  • Make sure they know to ask the teacher for what they need in the classroom, e.g. bathroom break

  • Learn class routines from the teacher so you can talk with your child specifically about their day.

  • Build relationships with your teacher, staff, and other parents.

  • Help with homework by setting aside a quiet place stocked with crayons/pencils/etc. and at a set time. Help your child understand the directions but do not do the work for them. Let them struggle a bit.

  • For Mandarin Immersion, if you do not speak Chinese, try to learn basic phrases such as hello, goodbye, and thank you. This encourages the children.

Kindergarteners may be asked to bring:

  • Change of clothes (stored inside a bag in their cubbies)

  • Lovey – Talk to teacher first

What students typically bring to school:

  • Backpack. Pack a book! No toys.

  • Healthy snacks. No candy, gum, sodas, or cookies.

  • Packed lunch (if not buying lunch) and water bottle – label everything.

  • Jacket and/or other outerwear – label everything.

  • Cell phone – must be stored in the office during the school day.

What students typically bring back home – Always check their backpacks:

  • Backpack, lunchbox, water bottle, jacket and/or other outerwear

  • Homework (usually contained in a folder from the teacher)

  • Blue Parents Folders (every Wednesday) – Review all notices for critical info

  • ‘Raising a Reader’ book bags (red)

  • Library books from either the JOES library or Ocean View Library – please help keep track!

Note to Mandarin Immersion Program parents/guardians:

If you need to speak to the lào shī (teacher), please do so out of your child’s earshot.  

Our lào shī only speak Mandarin in front of their students.

XièXiè! (Thank you!)


Is your child experiencing separation anxiety?  Frustration?  Having difficulty adjusting, in general?

Rest assured, this is normal!  A new school is a big milestone for you and your child!  Please be patient and calm. We’ve all been there.

We encourage you to talk to other parents, especially those who have older kids, they will likely have helpful advice. Your child’s teacher, Mr. Klaus, Ms. Ginny, and the rest of the school staff are happy to help you and your child. Remember, it’s going to be OK.