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Dear JOES Families,

Last year our students read about 170,000 minutes and raised almost $15,000 for our school. This helped fund PTA supported activities including our art and science programs! The best part of the Read‐A‐Thon is that, not only do we raise funds for our school, but we also learn while we do it. All students are encouraged to participate — reading, writing, or being read to — whether they get pledges or not.

Timeline of events:
April 4 – April 22: gather sponsors using PledgeStar online or your Sponsorship
Form. Collect & turn in flat pledges as you go.

April 4: Kickoff with author Gene Yang 8-9:15 AM

April 13: Dress as your favorite book character day.

April 4 – April 22: Log reading and writing minutes into your Minute Recording Sheet.

April 27: Awards announced at Umoja Day

April 27 – May 7: Collect per minute pledges.


  • Writing counts as double time.
  • 20 seconds of eye rest every 20 min. counts.
  • Kickoff with author Gene Yang
    • 8‐8:30 (K‐2) and 8:45‐9:15 (3‐5) 
  • Online pledge system option:

How to Win:

#1 Students that Participate Each Week

#2 Students that Collect Most Pledges

#3 Students that Read/Write Most Minutes

#4 Grade Meets 70% Participation Goal

#5 School Reads/Writes More than Last Year

Online Pledge System:

Go to

  • Enter your name and email address, then click Register
  • Re-registering with same email address as Walk-a-Thon will access previous distribution list
  • Follow the instructions on-screen

When you finish, the system emails pledge requests to your family and friends, and allows them to make secure credit card donations online or to mail in a check. You get notified each time a pledge is made, and you can track your pledge progress online. 

Read-A-Thon Calendar

FAQs & Rules:

What reading and writing counts?

  • Reading or writing before and after school counts [before 7:50am and after 1:50pm]
  • Being read to by other people counts, as long as it is not at school.
  • Reading aloud to other people counts. If you happen to read to someone who is also participating in the Read-A-Thon, it counts for both of you!
  • Homework reading and writing counts so long as it is done before or after school.
  • Sick day reading time counts before and after school hours.
  • Reading on the bus counts.
  • Writing counts as double minutes
  • Resting your eyes for 20 seconds every 20 minutes of reading or writing counts.

What does not count?

  • Reading or writing before April 4 beginning of the Read-A- Thon does not count.
  • Reading or writing during class does not count.
  • Copying does not count. Writing must be original work.

Read‐A‐Thon Rules

  • The Pledge Star online platform or paper sponsorship forms should be used to track your sponsors and how much they have pledged to donate. Turn in flat rate pledges to your teacher as you collect them.  
  • Start recording your reading minutes on Wednesday, April 4th.
  • Minute Recording sheets.
    • Handed out each week during the Read‐A‐Thon (April 4th, April 9th  & April 16th) for students to keep track of how many minutes outside of school they read each day. 
    • Parents must sign the Minute Recording Sheets to confirm that their child read all their logged minutes. This will help to ensure fairness.
    • Turn in Minute Recording Sheets each Monday of the Read‐A‐ Thon (April 9th, April 16th & April 23rd) to your teacher. The minutes sheets will be returned to you after they are tallied.
  • No guessing minutes. Please look at the clock or use a timer.



Please address any questions you may have after reading this packet to our parent volunteer Read‐A‐Thon coordinators at and