Scholastic Book Fair November 14th - 18th

Scholastic Book fair is happening in the JOES Library - November 14th thru the 18th, during Parent Teacher Conference week .

Hours are Monday 8-3pm, Tuesday - Thursday 8-5:30pm, and Friday 8-2:30pm. 

There are a couple of things to note about the Scholastic Book Fair if you're unfamiliar or are a new family:

1. As you enter, there is a shelf where teachers will place books they've picked out for their classroom libraries. Please feel free to buy books from this shelf. You can buy them for your child's teacher or any other teacher in the school. 

It's a great way to help stock up interesting books for students to read in their classrooms. If you want, grab a few book plate stickers from the cashiers and have your child write their name so the teachers know who to thank :)

2. "All For Books" - a flyer was home asking for donations and we've been so happy to see people sending in money.

So you know how those donations are used: Ms. Wong the librarian allocates two All For Books certificates to each teacher to give to students at their discretion. The recipient of the certificate can get a book of their choice at the book fair up to $8. It's a great reward.

3. While we do earn credit for the teachers to spend on books at the fair and the kids love shopping , if you can, it's nice to help out a little...please see items #1 AND #2

Lots to choose from!