Daily Routine (get in the groove!)

Morning Routine

School begins at 7:50am (9:20am for Special Day Pre-K)

7:30am: Is the earliest time you can drop off your child at school. There is no adult supervision before 7:30am. It’s critical for children’s safety that they not be dropped off prior to that. You must accompany and remain with your child(ren) on the yard if you arrive before 7:30am.

7:30-7:50am Breakfast:  Hot or cold breakfast served in the cafeteria/auditorium. Cost: $1.50 breakfast, or reduced/free if eligible.

If your student is participating in the morning breakfast program, please have them arrive no later than 7:40 to finish their breakfast before the 7:50 bell.

Monthly menus are sent home in the Blue Parents Folders. Student Nutrition Services also displays its menus online:  http://www.sfusd.edu/en/nutrition-school-meals/menus.html

7:50am: School day begins.  All students and teachers assemble in the play yard behind the cafeteria. Parents/guardians may escort their children there and are welcome to stay for the Pledge of Allegiance and Mr. Klaus’s morning announcements. Students line up behind their teachers.



Please have your child to school on time.  Tardy students disrupt the lesson for the whole class and miss out on important learning time.  Being late just 10 minutes a day is equivalent to missing 5 school days across the whole year.

If you arrive before 8:00am, please escort your child to the classroom.

If you arrive after 8:00am, report to office for a tardy pass, then go to class.


After dropping off your child, parents/guardians:

  • Head off for work.

  • Hang around the schoolyard and chat with other parents/guardians.

  • Head off to volunteer in classrooms and/or around the school. Don’t forget to first sign the Volunteer Sign-In Book in the Office and put on a Visitor’s Badge.

  • Stop by the office to ask questions or drop off documents.

If your child is sick and will be missing school:

Notify the front office:  (415) 469-4726


If your child is absent only part of the day:

Notify the front office at (415) 469-4726. The school will contact you via the contact phone number on your child’s Emergency Card if your child is truant from school and you have not notified the office.

Fridays: The school community gathers for our traditional (and super fun!) Sing-Along in the cafeteria/auditorium to foster school spirit. On Fridays, bring your child(ren) to the cafeteria at 7:50am. Parents are encouraged to stay and participate.


Afternoon Routine

School ends at 1:50pm (1:20pm for Special Day Pre-K.)

Child pick-up is outside the front of the school.

Teachers escort their students outside to the front of the school for parent/guardian pick-up. Please contact the office if you have arranged for someone else to pick up your child.

Teachers escort remaining students back into the school at 2pm to wait in the office for their pick-up. Please respect your teacher and be on time for pick-up.